Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Angel of My Heart" by SheaRyhai

Angel of My Heart

by SheaRyhai © 2009

Life is like a roller coaster

with its constant up and downs.

So Baby won't you come closer

so I can kiss away this frown.

Let me be your sunshine

you can be my guiding star.

Whatever we face we'll be fine

no matter how close or far.

I'm weakest when I'm lonely

when I don't feel good enough.

My years in life have shown me

that the pain of love is rough.

And you may not define me

but you inspire these dreams inside.

What they never understood and can't see

you saw so easily in my eyes.

You call me your Sweetheart

well your the Angel of mine.

Events might keep us apart

but we'll be together in time.

Life is made for living

I want to spend each day with you.

When both hearts are believing

we can know this love is true.

I know the rest won't be easy

there will always be storms ahead.

I'll take the chance if your with me

no matter how much I dread.

I can be your lighthouse

to guide you safely back home.

This light will never burn out

so you will never be alone <3

Well... yea, gue lagi suka sama literature, hehehe... poems, lyrics, story dan sebagainya lagi gue kecengin di . tapi kalo khusus puisi atau poems, ada di . silakan di cek-cek kalo mau :)

Yang diatas itu bikinan Tess, temen bule gue. beneran lho, gue kenal sama dia. dia ituuuu... jenius dalam bikin puisi, dan gue sangat ngefens sama dia akan puisi-puisi yang dia bikin, dan dia pun sangat ngefens sama gue akan cerita-cerita yang gue bikin.

SheaRyhai itu tokoh dari cerita pertama yang dia bikin waktu umurnya 11 tahun. dan gue... juga pengarang pemula yang juga 11 tahun. well, mudah-mudahan aja cerita-cerita gue bisa dibukuin nanti, atau blog gapenting ini, hahaha, kayak raditya dika.

Kenapa gue pilih yang ini? mungkin karena puisi ini is... dedicated to my Guardian Angel, hahaha <3>

Thank you for Tess, udah ngasih gue copyright untuk puisi lo yang ini, ntar gue promosiin yang lain dah :)

By the way, ini judul-judul puisi punya Tess yang top-rated :

Well, thanks bagi yang udah mau baca puisinya Tess, dan blog gue juga.